Jere D.

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Working with Aaron Mello is a wonderful experience.   He is professional, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and very well organized.   Aaron makes one feel relaxed and comfortable sharing details about food, diet and digestion.   All of which is information that he needs to help make life better with improvements or perhaps different choices for your diet.   Whether you are needing change for weight, digestion, or mood swings, Aaron is well versed and able to meet you at your level. Better?  Yes, indeed.    After four unique and different sessions, and putting Aaron’s recommendations into practice, I have been able to have a much more even keel, more energy, better digestion and a better understanding of how diet and food choices affect all aspects of life. Aaron’s written suggestions offer clear and easy to understand possibilities for diet alternatives and variations.    He explains everything carefully and makes it all easy to understand, and he speaks about how one can continue and refine the process, too.   Aaron makes it easy to get results.   I recommend Aaron Mello and MoodFood Clinic to everyone. Thank you, Aaron!

Mike E.


I decided to work with Aaron after getting frustrated with my diet and overall well-being. Recovering from an illness, doctors prescribed medication which made me forget all about heartburn but, as Aaron helped me to understand, caused some side effects. Before working with Aaron I was suffering from indigestion, frequent bowel movements, blood sugar ups and downs, muscle aches, feeling cold, and frequently falling sick with colds which made me anxious about people sneezing and coughing around me. Aaron recorded all my symptoms, analyzed my dietary habits and connected the dots. It turned out that the medication I was taking prevented me from digesting foods properly and caused me discomfort which steered me toward easily digestible foods which in turn made me feel weak, cold and susceptible to common colds. Aaron provided me with very specific personalized guidelines on "how/when/what" to eat. Some of the advice seemed strange and counterintuitive to me but I followed it anyways. Before long my new diet seemed natural and fairly easy to maintain. With the new diet I eat and go to the bathroom less frequently, stay full longer, stay warm in the cold weather and am not as anxious about catching a cold. I definitely recommend Aaron to all people who want to strengthen their health through nutrition whether or not they need to lose weight.

Kathy L.


I began working with Aaron in the spring of 2014. He started out by determining my health concerns and what I wanted to accomplish. He listened to what I knew about myself and then made suggestions for incremental changes. Originally, I was focused on weight loss and Aaron helped me lose 36 pounds over about 8 months. I was so pleased with that success that I have continued working with him on general health improvement. Aaron has always based his recommendations on a respect for my likes and dislikes. He’s never expected me to change who I am. He works with me to find solutions that will work for me. Aaron explains how certain foods and supplements can affect my health in a down-to-earth understandable way. Almost without my realizing it was happening, Aaron’s advice has changed my eating habits a great deal. I eat much more fresh and natural food than I used to, and much less processed food. I take supplements that have improved my digestion, I’m more active than I used to be, and I feel better overall. In addition to the physical improvements, Aaron has helped me to recognize the progress I’ve made and to feel good about my accomplishments.

Jim S.

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Working with Aaron really changed the way I thought about food and how it affected my life. When I started working with him, I ate fast food for lunch almost daily, and the food I ate made me feel bad. I wanted a change, but the ideas I had in my head about how to eat healthy seemed overwhelming. What I quickly learned about Aaron's approach is that he didn't have a set diet in mind when we met. We spent a long time talking about what I liked to eat and how we could form a dietary plan around that. Whenever I asked tepidly whether I could still eat something "bad," his answer was always yes, in moderation. I had several consultations with Aaron. I also kept track of everything I ate for a week. After talking with me in depth about my diet, my goals, and looking at what I was eating, Aaron gave me a full written report with his analysis, some recommendations, and specific suggestions on what types of foods I can prepare at home. Everything was very low pressure. In fact, I spent several months slowly putting his recommendations into place. Aaron was aware of this and worked with me on figuring out specific ways to implement his recommendations. We discussed things like easy, healthy breakfasts I could prepare the night before and grab out of the fridge on my way to work. Having implemented most of the recommendations we developed, I really don't feel like I'm on a diet at all. I have mostly cut out fast food, and the food I make at home is delicious and not too hard to prepare. I feel great and I have been slowly and steadily losing weight. Aaron doesn't have any health gimmicks. I found that he recognized that this was a process and that change doesn't happen overnight. We ultimately worked together to change the way I eat and think about food, and I am very grateful to him for his work.