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It’s no secret that holistic health is a female-dominated field. Most holistic nutritionists are women seeing primarily female clients. And that’s great for women, but what about men’s health? Men are missing out on the awesome power holistic health has to transform health!

This is an area that needs attention. By many measures, men’s health is suffering. For one thing, men live nearly five years shorter lives than women. This gender gap has grown from one year in the 1920s to five years today, yet public awareness of this phenomenon remains low.

Even though women live longer, we as a country spend more money on women’s health than men’s, even after factoring out maternity-related costs.

A primary killer of men that contributes to the gender life expectancy gap is suicide, which is the second leading cause of death for young men and boys ages 10-34. In fact, 75-80% of suicides are men. In the United States, more than 32,000 men died by suicide in 2013. That’s more than 87 men per day, or about 3.7 men per hour.

This is one reason why MoodFood Clinic focuses on men’s mental health. By addressing men’s health issues and bringing the healing power of holistic health to more men, we are one small part of the effort to close the life expectancy gap.


Life expectancy gap


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